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How to Make Your Own Bob Marley Drink!

This delicious and refreshing drink is a favorite among guests at Secrets Wild Orchid and is the perfect treat to accompany your Jamaican getaway.

Guests are always asking for the recipe, so today Viva Travels would like to share how to make the signature Bob Marley frozen drink!


light rum

blue curacao

orange curacao

strawberry daiquiri mix

fresh mango

sweet and sour mix

lime juice


First, start by making the red portion of the drink by combining 1 oz light rum, 4 oz strawberry daiquiri mix and 1 cup of ice in a blender. Mix ingredients and pour into the bottom of the glass.

Next you will need to combine 1 oz of rum, 3 oz of chopped mango, 1 ½ oz of sweet and sour mix and one cup of ice in a blender. Mix ingredients together to create the yellow portion of the drink. Pour only half of the mixture into the glass.

Take the remaining drink mixture and blend with ½ oz of blue curacao to create the green portion of the drink. Pour into the glass.


Bob Marley Drink | © Viva Travels

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