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Vacation in Cancun

Cancun is a vibrant city with lots of culture & history, delicious foods, exciting nightlife and natural aquatic wonders. It's more than just a Spring Break destination. VIP service from the moment you arrive until you leave to the airport. TRANSPORTATION: When you choosing your transportation, you can opt for the semi-public shuttle bus which is good and affordable. The con side: if your hotel is situated at the end of the strip, you'll probably be the last ones to get dropped off which makes a 25 minute ride into a 45 minute trip. If you have extra cash to splurge, you can choose for private transportation. In this case, we took this option an will do so again. We went through AMStar, paid at a discounted rate. We got picked up in a White Ford Expedition and got to the hotel in 25 minutes.

RECEPTION: The moment you enter Dreams Sands you are received by cold towels, glasses of champagne and warm smiles. You can't forget the spectacular view of the beach. ROOMS: Stayed in the 6th floor + corner balcony = Spectacular views of Cancun. Can't complain. POOL: What is there to say? Bar inside of the pool and outside. Awesome!!! It's never a dull moment at the pool. BEACH: Warm and Crystal clear. There are rocks at the beginning but once you get past the rocks you are alright. When in doubt, bring water shoes. RECOMMENDATION:

It doesn't hurt to know a few words. Yes, the staff speak English but being in a non-english speaking country, it does not hurt to try to learn some words. They will appreciate that you at least try to speak the language.

Make sure to check out the spa, it is amazing!!!!

Rooms above the 4th floor are quieter, Corner suites have the best views of Cancun.

When it comes to service, TIP! TIP!! TIP!!! Don't be cheap!! I can not stress how hard the great staff at Dreams Sands work. They do go above and beyond.

Remember my friends, life is short. Travel. Explore. Relax.

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